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Charter Communications Reviews

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  • Terri ble customer service for existing customers

    Dissatisfied with customer service - Bundle My bill jumped from $189 to $268 a month. When I called to complain 8 months ago they told me my bill would be just over $100 with the triple select plan. Instead of going down it went up. I have been offered the same services by ATT for $106.00 a month WITH a $100.00 reward bonus. Has Charter got so big that they do not care about their existing customers? I have heard SO many complaints about them recently and now they have some competition. Maybe everyone will move their services. I have had it. I was just told by customer services that he was... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Mcmae's Picture   Mcmae    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continious Unauthorized Charges

    I had my cable services from Charter cut off on May 3rd. Two months later, I am still receiving charges for their cable TV service that I have not been receiving. I have called their "support" line twice and waited over 45 minutes on hold to be told that "it would be taken care of" twice. Now, today, they sent me a notice that my bill is overdue and they are adding further charges for a service I had canceled two months ago. More...
    (Cable TV)
    joshbyrom's Picture   joshbyrom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service transfer

    I purchased a piece of raw land a year ago in Asheville, NC. I was told I could have Charter. I bought a double wide, put it on the property, and started doing a complete revamp. I am now ready to move in. I called Charter to get my service installed. When the tech arrived, I was told that I could not get service. Long story issue was turned over to the "survey" team. I was told that I was in range to get service & I should hear back from them the next business day, at most, in a couple of days & have service. It has now been over a week. I have called and left... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charter not showing up

    Had an appointment on 6/26/14 from 3 to 5. Waited over 2 hours and finally called to find out if they were coming. Rep said they came and no one was at home. Impossible!! There were 2 people in the front yard and 3 people in the house including myself. We have a doorbell that works, checked it, and no one knocked. Rescheduled it for 7 to 9 that evening. No one showed up. More people were home this time. Called again this morning. They couldn't explain it. Gave me another time for today. This will be a total of 6 hours that will be have spent on waiting to fix changing out a dead modem... More...
    (Repair Services)
    guevara6361's Picture   guevara6361    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pamela - Fantastic

    6-19-2014 Re: Pamela; Charter Rep. After she took care of me , I was supposed to give a survey rating her but the survey feature did not work. She was fantastic! My big complaint was, we missed an ABC show and wanted to watch it through Charter On Demand. But, it generally offers the HD version only at first. After 2-7 days they sometimes offer it in "Non-HD". Dumb huh? Well, we don't have or want HD so we are blocked from watching even the HD version. Why, I don't know. Just play the darn thing so we can see our show. We don't care about HD! Pamela explained to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    whitney2010's Picture   whitney2010    0 Comments   Comments
  • Free set-top box

    On June 16th I received a letter from Charter stating that Charter was going all digital and that I was eligible to receive a set-top box at no additional cost for 12 months. When I called on June 17th to order the box I was told that the offer code could not be accepted and that I would have to pay $6.99 per month. I have been a charter customer for some time now and I feel as though I was scammed into purchasing another cable box. This is not what the letter states from Peter Cirelli who is the Vice President of Marketing. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Free Cable box offer

    I received an offer in the mail stating that I could receive a digital cable box at no additional charge for 12 months on June 16th, 2014 since charter was going all digital. I called as instructed to order the cable box at no change and was then told that the offer code was not accepted and that I would have to be charged an additional $6.99 per month. The letter was signed by Peter Cirelli the Vice President of Marketing. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tbone707's Picture   Tbone707    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refusal to honor documented offer

    Was told we are eligible for NEW CUSTOMER pricing. Was given a great online quote. When told we accept they all of a sudden do not have the ability to set us up for that price. Price would be almost double as we are a current customer. When we gave them an opportunity to make us new again the refused. I was hung up on. My chats were disconnected. And was refuses the corporate office number when requested multiple times. Now they wont even speak to us. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charter communications

    I started with Charter in May. I switched because the sales rep made it sound like a great deal. He said he would take care of my first bill of 100 and some odd dollars. First off they were about 6 hours late getting their to set us up. I received a bill saying I owed 157 dollars (I realize I ordered a UFC ppv for 44). I spoke with a customer service rep and he basically called me a liar. Nothing they could do. I'm about to switch back to Dish. Pitiful customer service for such a praised name. I guess when you make billions, one customer doesn't matter. Shame! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Worker12312's Picture   Worker12312    0 Comments   Comments
  • Digital Cable against your will

    This would be great to watch except , I haven't had cable service since 4/23. Picked up new digital boxes and hooked them up ....nothing. We have called CS multiple times a day to get activation . We were told service was out in our area. Finally 4/26 I was told a tech would come out and fix it on....5/1. I'm not leaving work early so, your people can fix this digital mess U created.I think we can get a dish installed faster than that............. More...
    (Cable TV)
    batman7732's Picture   batman7732    0 Comments   Comments

    My grandmother doesn't own a computer nor would she even know how to turn a computer on and she gets charged by Charter every month ($55) for internet service she will NEVER and has NEVER used! We have talked to them numerous times only to be told if we don't like it we can go someplace else...literally! Problem is that they are the only TV service in our area unless we went satellite! Pretty pathetic that they are probably getting millions of dollars every month from older people who don't even use the internet and probably half of them don't even realize they are... More...
    (Cable TV)
    lovingmontana's Picture   lovingmontana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bill goes up slowly and they add charges they don't tell you about

    I have been happy with their services, but there prices slowly go up with no explanation. The last few months I have seen a $10 total increase. I asked about it when I went it to pick up my free extra digital box since they are switching to all digital. They explained each of the hikes were for different reasons. Then this month not only does it go up again, they tacked on a $2.99 charge for setup of the extra digital box. The letter in the mail didn't mention this one time charge and neither did the charter rep at the store. I called and they told me I was luck cause it would have... More...
    (Cable TV)
    JamieD24's Picture   JamieD24    1 Comments   Comments
  • Charters Rufusal To Pay Partial Refund For Cable TV Isuues

    To Whom It May concern, We are paying top price for the the top tiers of cable programming along with internet and telephone services. Recently over a 7 day period, we were having problems off and on with our cable service. It began during the transition period when we were going to this new all digital television programming. When we would turn on our television we would automatically be on channel 12. This is the channel when the Charter girl us is telling everyone how Charter Communications is improving everything for the customers benefit....going all digital and customers needing to... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charging late fees on billing in advance

    $7.95 late fee charged on billing for services a month in advance when services that have not been fully rendered is just not ethical if they expect to keep customers. How many old people, or disadvantaged people do you think pay this because they don't have time, patience, or arguing skills, to call and complain about this to Charter. It just happened to me and I had to call and raise cain about it and finally told they would "waive as a One time courtesy". This is BOLOGNA!! courtesy my butt!! you are billing me for services that have not been rendered, and trying to charge... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jparker3366's Picture   jparker3366    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stupid commercials

    For all that is holy and good in the world, stop airing that stupid, OBNOXIOUS Chinese speaking cowboy commercial!!! It is by far and away the most annoying ad on tv! The only one that comes close is your other ad with that little jerk claiming to be a lady's man cause he watched a few chick flicks. Besides both being supremely stupid, the audio fails out on both of them every time. Actually, keep that. The less I hear of these two, the better! More...
    robertrahn's Picture   robertrahn    2 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    I moved very quicly back in Decemebr for a new job. I realized that I had not stopped and paid my Charter bill and cancelled the service. I called Charter as soon as I had got to the new state4 I had moved to.. I called and asked to pay my last month bill and cancel my service. They said they could not do that for my unless I had my account number. Well I did not have it. I had to wait unitl it was forwarded to me in FEBRUARY> So I now called them with my account number and a bill for $112.92 which I told them I would not pay. I only wanted to pay my December bill which is what I... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    kimber24's Picture   kimber24    0 Comments   Comments

    I am beyond totally disgusted with Charter, period! I can PROMISE you that I will NEVER have this company in my lifetime. I had called them to see about having a TV and INTERNET bundle set up and what the cost would be with prices and promotions, after I had called and given my information to this rep by the name of Mike (British sounding accent) 3 times, because I am guessing he could not understand, we finally moved on to the packages. He proceeded to ask if I needed a home phone and which I stated no, I have cell phones and don't need it. Which seemed to have went in one ear and out... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tiffany7's Picture   Tiffany7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unpaid "contract buyout"

    I originally had service with Dish Network when I received an unrequested telemarketing phone call from Charter communications. The woman on the phone asked if I was interested in switching and I declined, stating that I had a previous contract. She explained that "I was in luck! They were offering to pay off my previous contract up to $200." I told her that I would speak to my husband and return her call. We decided to switch to Charter because their internet service would be faster and cheaper. We had Charter installed and disconnected our previous service. We paid their install... More...
    (Cable TV)
    KatieH0911's Picture   KatieH0911    8 Comments   Comments
  • Don't care about customers

    Ive had charter internet service for a month now & all i have had was problems. a month ago when i initially set up my service i had wanted to pick up the box from their office & install it myself. when i get there the blonde at the desk tells me that i can not do that, says i must have someone come out to do it. i told them this was never the issue with comcast. they said i have to pay the fee & have to have someone come out. when they do arive to hook up my internet the installation person would only leave 6' of cable but the outlet was on the other side of the room.... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    weldin810's Picture   weldin810    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Communications - TV and Internet service.

    Extremely happy with recent call to Chart disconnect department. I called to reduce our services since the increased price after they did away with contract pricing left me cringing with every charter monthly bill. The same service had gone up $40! That was on top of what I thought was already a high price. I got a very friendly employee named James and was happy when he was able to reduce my price by $20 by giving me the DVR for free as their website advertised that special. At one point he said he would be back after talking to his manager and I of course assumed he had quoted me the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Schrogo's Picture   Schrogo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Say no to Charter

    I kept Charter internet for a year at $29.99/ month and suddenly on the 13th bill, I realized the price rose to $44.99/month. I called Charter to ask why it was increased so much and they said that the $29.99 offer was only for a year%u2026charter offers the 30mbps internet which no one does. At no point was I informed that the price would be going up, I was shocked at their response, this is the most ludicrous company I have ever come across, who quite frankly doesn't have any business strategy and if there is one it is to rip off their customers. Not impressed !! I don't need... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Arthurdoyle's Picture   Arthurdoyle    1 Comments   Comments
  • poor customer service

    We initially hoped to have phone/internet service from your company. llWe were given a date for install a week out. A day after I received a call from your company trying to sell us a bundle that included cable. I told your sales woman to call the next evening at 6 pm, and we would let her know if we could switch from satellite to cable. My husband waited for a call, but one called. He received a recorded message telling us our appointment day. Which was now different from our original date. I had taken time off to be home on the day we arranged. My job is very difficult to get time off... More...
    (Cable TV)
    pandki's Picture   pandki    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I recently went into my local Charter office in Cookeville, TN to sign up for internet service. As I was giving my information, another employee asked the lady helping me what she was working on. She responded with "an internet only", with a tone I usually use when I have to go to the dentist. I asked the lady if there was a problem with only getting internet and she told me her manager thought there was, that she is supposed to sell cable television and home phone service. I responded that if the television wasn't over $100 a month I might get it, and it is 2013, no one is... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jasong38501's Picture   jasong38501    0 Comments   Comments
  • channel change

    I had the silver package for several years (I have been a Charter customer since Charter started servicing the Lincolnton/Vale nc area). I try the gold package for a year and switched back to silver. Imagine my surprise to find I had lost some channels on the 100 channel tier. I called CS and found out that Boomerang and Ovation are now part of the 2nd tier, which includes the 300 channels, sports. WHAT DO BOOMERANG (channel 118) AND Ovation (channel 156) HAVE TO DO WITH SPORTS???? Also gone is channel 154 and 129. I was told I would have to pay 10 bucks more a month to get these channels... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Addison Computers

    Our phone and internet services were disconnected through no fault of our own. There was a credit on our account that was apparently overlooked. We owe nothing to your company but have been waiting 5 days for our internet and phone lines to be restored which as of yet have not been restored. We are losing business because of your incompetent workers who finally figured out that in actuality we had just paid our bill and owed nothing when we were disconnected! We have called multiple times to get this resolved and have been told multiple different stories! The most recent is that our phone... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kaddison1991's Picture   kaddison1991    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Communications BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

    I have been a loyal customer for a very long time and never had a problem with Charter but after receiving my bill tonight I was quite upset. I called customer service and spoke with a very rude supervisor named Carlos out of the NM call center. I have never been treated so poorly!! If this is the type of service you provide then shame on you. I have never been late on my payments and would never be. When I asked to speak to his supervisor for being treated to poorly he simply said my supervisor doesn't speak to customers. Wow!! I would appreciate the decency of a call back with... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tdyches's Picture   Tdyches    0 Comments   Comments
  • So utterly horrible they should blink out of existence

    Charter Communications is (perhaps like all major internet providers) the biggest enforced rip off since the U.S. peace treaties with (insert name here). Their service is apathetic at best. They require the use of their own personal internet speedtest which somehow always shows higher speeds than objective speedtests. Furthermore, they violate the very core of antitrust law, and yet they are allowed to remain and prosper off of their wretched abuse. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this company, and yet I am not allowed to choose another for cable internet in "my... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kkendall's Picture   kkendall    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible "Customer Service"

    I fight my way through the god-awful computer giving me prerecorded messages and then hanging up on me, and I finally get a human. The first one tells me that there is line maintenance going on. That would be a scheduled thing, right, like it should be done overnight instead of during the day when every business in town needs your service to work, to process credit cards?? The second human I get (probably when they realize they're dealing with a crazy person, made crazy only by your horrible computer and wait times to talk to someone) told me that a local construction company had... More...
    (Cable TV)
    CaryWooster's Picture   CaryWooster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    I had an appointment today from 1-3pm to have Internet installed . 1-3 came and went no one showed up to install Internet. I called and asked they sent me to 3 different people only to find out they really never had an appointment and that they where sorry that I should call and set up a new appointment . They don't care this is not the first time . I sat and waited they should have at least called . Worst customer service in America ! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Roesslein5's Picture   Roesslein5    1 Comments   Comments
  • Charter online bill pay unnecessarily confusing

    On Charter online bill pay, you apparently need to download the pdf of your bill to know whether it will process your auto pay. This, despite the fact that on my Account Summary screen a week BEFORE my bill was due, I clearly see the phrase "Your Auto Pay will be Processed" followed by the amount of my monthly bill. So like any reasonable and rational human being, I understand that to mean that it will process that amount from the account I set up for Auto Pay. Apparently not the case, and now Charter gets a free $8 late fee from me for doing nothing but a terrible job... More...
    (Cable TV)
    steve19's Picture   steve19    0 Comments   Comments

    CHARTER IS A BAD COMPANY- DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!! My husband and I have a winter home in FL. Each fall when we leave Michigan we call Charter Communications and put our services on %u201Cseasonal%u201D until we return. We have been their clients since they started doing business in MI- 14 years or so. There are frequent technical issues with them. Because my husband is dying, I put Charter on autopay, using a credit card. I have been preoccupied with his care and didn%u2019t check the amount Charter was billing each month. MY BAD. They had been billing us for the full... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cotedazure's Picture   cotedazure    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Communications billing policies

    Every month we are charged a different amount. We still have no explanation as to why. When we tell them to drop the Show time channel which we do not use, they say it will cost 15.00 and then we must go to another package that will be 15.00 more. We get different answers each month when we call and try to get cogent responses. The service is very expensive to have to bear this below average customer service support. We are probably going to have to change TV and Internet providers. More...
    (Cable TV)
    sleepingbear's Picture   sleepingbear    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter sucks

    My family has charter and friends and they say its A great service. Will I'm here to say no it's not I wished I never switched over to them I wish I stayed With dish never really had any problems with them Or if need be them coming to fix any problems I did have not charter I have been all day with out tv And I call and they say one time and change it I just hate charter cable !! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Mommyoftwo's Picture   Mommyoftwo    0 Comments   Comments
  • no service

    When we moved into this house Charter signed us up for service and when the tech came out he said the lines were only run partially down our street (my neighbor that I can SEE has Charter Cable and internet. They wanted $4000 to service us. I have since done everything I could think of to get serviced-I fill out out their form to ask for service with NO RESPONSE. Charter Business wants to charge DOUBLE and have me sign a crazy three year contract. Why can't I get the service promised to me when we first moved in without paying $4000. They will just use the equipment to service others... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • my neighbor has service but not me!

    In December 2010, when we bought our house, we ordered charter,scheduled them to come out,only to be told later that although they told us we could be serviced, that our neighbor had service but they did not run it all the way down but for $4,000! they could run it down the street and then then our house. We declined. We went up to the Newnan location of charter and filled out a form to ask to be serviceable. I continually filled out requests only to be denied. We likely would have not bought this house if we knew we would have to settle for ATT 5mbps. We both work from home and it is a... More...
    (Cable TV)

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Charter Communications Comments

osmerde1 says: (12 months ago)
I participated in a charter sponsored survey about their service -- at the end I was asked to submit info about name, address, e-mail, which entered me into a survey sweepstakes -- e-mail says I won, but they want the same info I posed at the end of the surrey, and now want to birth date -- doesn't see legit-- however the,communications all come from Charter communication --- is tit real ???

drr45 says: (1 year ago)
Red Sox...They are a major league baseball team. Unfortunately, you can't watch a Red Sox game on NESN during the Stanley Cup playoffs because on those nights, the Red Sox games are being broadcast on a cable channel that Charter doesn't subscribe to! They're broadcast on NESN Plus. I called Charter and they never heard of NESN Plus! Can anyone explain that?

drr45 says: (1 year ago)
My problem starts with the web site...or web sites. Why is Charter the only company in the entire universe that needs TWO distinct web sites. Is it for this or that or is it The user name conventions are different and as luck would have it, I always put in the wrong password too many times and get locked out. So, I call and have the password reset to the default password then go in and change it. Of course, I can't use the old password so I make up a new one. A couple of weeks later, invariably I go through the same BS again!! The agents always say "The .net site is for (fill in the blank) while the .com site is for (everything else). Can anybody tell me which is for which? Even tech support personnel have put me on hold to dig up the answer because they weren't sure. CHARTER DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!! Get rid of one or the other. Why does Charter make it so profoundly difficult for a consumer to access the information at the Charter web site/sites. I've got more to complain about, I just don't have the time!

doreena67 says: (2 years ago)
What really makes me mad about charter, is that they refuse to pick up their equipment. They said I have to live 30 miles away before they will send b oxes to return their boxes. WELL I DO!!!. I charter office is 35 miles from me.So for now on I will only give a 30 days notice to pick up, after that all equipment is throw away.I only give the 30 day notice because it the law. By the way, their service trucks are in my small town every day.

sgp420 says: (2 years ago)
customer service is unacceptable they are charging a car paymen tto have tv/internet rep cannot explian or justify bill Charter Upton MA would not recommend charter to anybody bait and switch

sickbastered says: (2 years ago)
call corporate not the local office have something done 314 965 0555 that is your 1 and only best option

danderup says: (2 years ago)
Charter's commercial promoting their service using "Timothy" makes me wonder about why his parents don't have the guts to take control of their obnoxious child. Does Charter really think this commercial is viable? It certainly isn't funny!

barkbusterbill says: (3 years ago)
My 2 cents, they don't make sense. The worst customer experience I have ever had with a company. The people who work for this company don't know what the other hand is doing. Talk about getting a run around, this company sets the new bench mark. It is like they are out to do as poor a job as they can. If I could try another cable provider I sure would, but they are the only company in our area.

tekchik says: (4 years ago)
I'm having all the same problems with Charter bundle that I've seen on this blog. How does one get out of this horrendous contract? Thanks.

atomix says: (5 years ago)
Charter is absolutely the worst Internet service I've ever had.

Goes down weekly for hours and every night af midnight it mysteriously gets even slower and more unusable than normal. Today it went down for over 24 hours and it's still down.... ridiculous!

Their cable service might be even worse... I keep losing channels and having to have technicians come out. Only one tech I've had come here knows anything about how to solve things...but then again the issues keeping coming back.

Never ever ever sign up for this service unless it's free AND you have a backup plan, My iPhone 3G Internet is more reliable!... sheesh!

walkerbe05 says: (5 years ago)
Charter has the most awful customer service and service i have ever had. i was on the phone with a job planing a interview and the phone internet and cable went out i didnt have no service for over 4 hour and at the time i didnt have a cell phone this happen over 10 times i would go next door to use the phone to call charter after the my service went out told the agant what was going on the first time i was put on hold for for over 40 mins so i hung up amd called back after hanging up and calling back i the agant was very very rude to me and hung up on me at the time i this called and asked to talk to a suporviser the it took over 15 mins for me to get a suporviser one the suporivser got on the line i explain to the my problem they said well we would need to get me to tech i was transferd to tech and the rep in tech said custome service wouldd need to troblemshoot the problem then they transferd me me back at the i gave up about a feww last i was on the phone again and my service went out call and asked them to what was going on the rep go me to texh the rep in tech placed me on hold for almost a hour and then the call was disconected i was tired by them i them talked to sone one in the one line chat and they was very rude to me they keep telling me to call the 888 number their was nothin that they could do i would hate for something to happen to me and i didnt have a phone this is not good service if someone would of broke in my house i wouldnt of had a phone to call if im on the phone or the internet when the service goes out i dont have serive for hours i pay over $125.00 every month i told after my service went out the last time i stoped paying the bill the didnt want to fix service i shouldnt have to pay the bill so the cut the service off and i was like if yall can fix the service and waive the 60.00 reactiovation fee i will pay the bill they didnt want to wavie it 60.00 i feel as if i shouldne have to pay the 60.00 fee they was like well we not going to restore your service and they didnt even offer to fix my service but the was pushing me to pay the 60.00

maraia says: (5 years ago)
Charter Communications has been my service provider for 2 years, and for 2 years they advertise; 'You don't have to wait to watch your favorite show, see it on demand anytime.' 80% of the shows they claim to be on demand are never on demand! This is called false advertisment?

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