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Charter Communications Reviews

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  • Charter

    I was told that when I dropped at&t service tor charter they would pay at&t up to $500.00. I sent in the request for it to be paid, but I thought it would ve paid directly to att, so I sis not worry about it. At&t kept sending me lertters requestring payment. I finally called chartrer and they told me that I would have to include the AT&T bill with the form. I downloaded the form again and filled it out anjd included the bill from AT&T and sent it in again.That was 2 months ago and I still have not received a check from sprectum or charter to pay off AT&T. They... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Bad technicians

    Charter came out to upgrade my services. I was adding internet and phone services. The technician first went in my basement then in my backyard. The next thing I know, I hear a pop and the lights get super bright. Five minutes later my TV starts smoking. The tech thens comes in the house and says there is a wire not grounded to my house. Now prior to him working out there, there is no problem. But all of a sudden a wire is loose. The supervisors came out and I had to call ameren to repair the wire. I put in a claim to the company. And my claim was denied. Really. I have a brother who worked... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Renny71's Picture   Renny71    3 Comments   Comments
  • Driver of Charter Truck ran me off I-65

    This morning at approximately 12:45pm the driver/technician driving a Charter white Chevy Silverado with Charter stickers all over it. Chased me and my daughter down interstate 1-65 South and ran us off of the road two times!!!!! He endangered both my life and the life of my child, going at speeds over 100 mph. He got off the interstate at the Calera, Al exit after the vehicular harassment, and endangerment. If this is acceptable behavior for your technicians and contractors representing you in their vehicles than you should be ashamed and I personally will never do business with... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • creeper charter guys

    10:30 pm on a Monday, two guys with flashlights stepped out of their charter vans and proceeded to bang on doors, looking for someone in my community. When I saw them under my neighbor's house, I approached them, mace in hand, and asked them what they were doing under my elderly neighbor's home and they replied, "working". They refused to show me identification, so I called customer service to confirm the work order. No such order existed. They got back in their vans and left, driving through the backyards of my neighbors, destroying flowers as they left. The guys who... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mylissybug's Picture   mylissybug    0 Comments   Comments
  • Increased Charges

    I call Charter because my internet only bill increased by $16.00. The CS Rep indicated the promotion I was on expired and that justified the increased, however when I informed the CS Rep that I was not a part of a promotion he then begin to indicate that I was paying a discount rate and now I was paying the regular price for internet only. However if I would bundle (which I have informed Charter numerous times I don't choose to do) I can get a discount. Am I being charge extra $$$ for not choosing to bundle thus being punished by Charter. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor service by Charter in Pasadena, CA

    What is wrong with Charter? I work from home and this is the 4th time this is happened with me. The internet service simply goes off. When you call customer service they have absolutely no idea and just say 'We are working on it'.. No time estimate is provided. I earn money by working from home and having no internet services puts me into jeopardy. I am very disappointed with this. Charter service is NOT GOOD !! I would not recommend Charter to anyone and I would be soon completing ONE year with them and I am sure that I would change my internet carrier. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    ashjo4444's Picture   ashjo4444    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter buyout

    I am having a serious problem with mycheck@charter,com, the server will not accept my email from gmail or outlook. I have read all the "bad" reviews about the "lies" charter has told them, and I for one had DIRECTV, which also gave me some problems with escalating service fees, the only reason I went with charter was that I already had internet with them, and the buyout promised to me. They had better except the fact that I also recorded their conversation too. I will not take this "problem for much longer, and will contact my lawyer to seek what is rightfully owed... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Bait & switch w/ false advertisements

    About three months ago I canceled my charter TV due to it continuing to increase in price. After getting the run around from customer service, I went home and grabbed my modem only to cancel it to. Well, for the past three months, Charter has been mailing me special offers to bring back my business. "Double-play" Internet & TV only, no phone. I have called Charter and all they say is that the deal does not and has never existed, but they can get me a Triple play (BAIT & SWITCH) for $30.00 more than the special offer they have sent me. The one they have sent me four times... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dfchristopher's Picture   dfchristopher    0 Comments   Comments
  • re buyout CHECK

    I have had charter for almost 2 months. I was promised by the salesman that the charter buyout check would be sent to me befort my direct tv bill was due. I have been receiving numerous phone calls from direct tv threatening to turn my bill over to a collection agency. buyout form was sent as directed but I haven't received the promised check I AM DISGUSTED THE RUNAROUND I AM GETTING-WHERE'S THE CHECK More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Billing Issue

    This morning I paid my charter bill on line as I have many times before but this time when I received the conformation E-Mail the debit card number they used was not mine. I called and they said I must have made the mistake. Well I did not and now either my bill has not been paid or some other poor soul is paying it for me because charter made the error not me. I called and talked to three different people and nobody! Yes Nobody could correct it. Thanks a lot Charter!!! What do I do now? Wait to see who gets screwed up first? The worst customer service when it comes to billing I have seen... More...
    (Cable TV)
    usb777's Picture   usb777    0 Comments   Comments
  • No credit for lose

    This is a complaint about Charter Cable service in Roxboro NC. There were 3 days this month (May 2015) that the cable service was intermittent and or not available. My call to customer service for billing ended up with total dissatisfaction. Previous requests for reimbursement for lost access to services, were met with reasonable amounts of credit. Today was the third day this month that I was not able to use either the TV or internet due to intermittent or absent service. (5/2 6hrs Net, 5/20 2hrs TV, 5/21 2hrs TV) The customer service agent while polite would not budge from a fixed... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • No credit for service lose

    This is a complaint about Charter Cable service in Roxboro NC. There were 3 days this month (May 2015) that the cable service was intermittent and or not available. My call to customer service for billing ended up with total dissatisfaction. Previous requests for reimbursement for lost access to services, were met with reasonable amounts of credit. Today was the third day this month that I was not able to use either the TV or internet due to intermittent or absent service. (5/2 6hrs Net, 5/20 2hrs TV, 5/21 2hrs TV) The customer service agent while polite would not budge from a fixed... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mebillm's Picture   mebillm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very Disappointed With Their Services

    I have been with Charter Communications since 2004, between two houses and one business office. I have not once been late on payment and have been a loyal customer even though there were other options out there at a better price. Currently, we have a residential account with them at my house and we run our business from home. We should upgrade to a business account but the price would simply go up for basically the same service that we have. That doesn't even work at LEAST 10 hours a week. I understand that there is scheduled maintenance and that's not a problem, but it has... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • children's on demand programming bites!

    Because there is so few channels that really cater to children I am forced to use on demand and of course it is screwed up by way of the scheduling dept who for some reason has the latest episodes of a particular program for a limited time yet has other old episodes even where there is like 3 not all the previous ones so you cannot watch it as it was intended to in a series.... It is very disappointing to have such a limited selection of the same programming over and over again... There is no real variety and then you take down the episodes that just came out! Its just plain stupid! It... More...
    (Cable TV)
    coolzeezee808's Picture   coolzeezee808    0 Comments   Comments
  • Winows Live Mail

    I have used Windows Live Mail (not web-based Charter) for several years with Windows 7x64 with Charter with no problems. But about a year ago, when moving messages or just writing a message I got intermittently disconnected by Charter. The error I get is: “Your Server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes are server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.The server did not respond to this IMAP command before the connection was terminated." At first I blamed Microsoft. I always checked with Charter to make sure I had the correct... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    adamsr2's Picture   adamsr2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Internet Service

    I am purchasing and moving to my daughter and son-in-law's home. They currently have Charter internet service. The system is currently up and running. They have it set to end the billing in their name at the end of the month. I simply want them to keep it up and running (no interruption), just change it to our name. We own the router.The rep told me that they would have to charge me $29.99 install fee!!! What install? This is why people get frustrated with Charter! I was considering changing our tv service to them (currently my kids have direct tv). SO FRUSTRATED! More...
    (Cable TV)
    tammyberman's Picture   tammyberman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Communications billing unfair

    After years of being a loyal customer. Charter has made me look elsewhere for my cable and internet service. We always worked a deal in the past but with their new policy of only giving promotions to new customers. It seems that being a new customer means more than sticking with them. So in order to receive new customer benefits for promotional savings I will have to drop them for a bit. Like a lot of businesses out there it takes a few to people to move on in order for them to get the big picture. So if you're a charter customer and wont to keep paying for service that others get at... More...
    (Cable TV)
    davide's Picture   davide    2 Comments   Comments
  • Awful horrible annoying commercials

    Charter needs to fire the ad campaign manager.Tthey are doing more harm by repelling potential new customers or acquiring new customers, meanwhile annoying your current customers. Get a clue. Everytime that damn commercial airs ( especially the dancing office people) my husband and I scramble to find the remote to change the channel. It's maddening! We cannot stress enough how annoying these ads are. It makes want to hurt small kitties and then stab ourselves in the ears!! Please do something!! More...
    Jenrey73's Picture   Jenrey73    2 Comments   Comments
  • Los Angeles, CA 90060-0187

    Charter Communications Attention: Customer Complaint 2 Digital Place Simpsonville, SC 29681 or call 1-888-438-2427 Received my cable bill yesterday and called customer service and billing. (1) I was being charged for a service call which not only was their fault but which increased problems with what they "fixed." The repairmen told me that my modem was the problem (and that it was not covered since I had bought it from Charter) and so they installed a small white modem (I learn now at $5 a month) with one outlet to replace my stronger modem with four more outlets and then... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jimsavage's Picture   jimsavage    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter TV reception

    So Charter, what are you going to do about all the negative reviews I've read about and unfortunately experienced over the past six to ten years? I know the answer... NOTHING...because you're a crap company that does nothing but steal money from hard working people. Who cares if you have all these HD channels. You can't see them anyway because of the problems we all experience. I've written multiple letters to you directly on the website with no response. I guess you don't really care as your laughing your way to the bank. Thanks for nothing! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Craptv's Picture   Craptv    0 Comments   Comments
  • Questionable bundled service

    Charter bundle : t.v., internet, phone. No problem with phone,but Charter e-mail messed up after a few weeks ; tried solving problem thru virtual assistant to no avail. A call to Charter said there was a problem in my area, technicians were working on it. Apparently they couldn't "fix it", so I don't use it ! Also, one t.v quit working properly : no picture. A call connected me to a technician who 'sent a signal' which was supposed to re-connect. It didn't, so she sent 'a stronger signal'--didn't work. I was told to call someone to the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    8xps538's Picture   8xps538    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unfair & prejudice promos/ bad business

    I recently got off the phone with a Charter rep. After replying to one of the 100k promo letters i get in the mail. I am grateful Charter will once again let me open new service after my bankruptcy. However the more I think about it I am pretty upset and although their promotions are great they are limited and unfair in quite a few ways.      I am trying to get my life back on track after some rough years. Anyways i was approved but have to pay the first month up front along with installation due to my credit. I just need the internet because I need it for more than a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Euloger's Picture   Euloger    0 Comments   Comments
  • need help

    i use to have charter tv,and internet, they slammed me with over a 300. bill the very first month,... i turned off the tv services immediately,went back to direct tv... i have been paying my internet bill.. i got my one month huge bill down to 162. now they are saying they will shut off my internet if they dont get the money with in 5 days... so they would rather lose a customer who is trying, and willing to keep the internet service with them.. this makes no sense.. i guess il shop around for another internet provider, keep in mind i have been a customer of them,since 09... please help.. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • need help

    i use to have charter tv,and internet, they slammed me with over a 300. bill the very first month,... i turned off the tv services immediately,went back to direct tv... i have been paying my internet bill.. i got my one month huge bill down to 162. now they are saying they will shut off my internet if they dont get the money with in 5 days... so they would rather lose a customer who is trying, and willing to keep the internet service with them.. this makes no sense.. i guess il shop around for another internet provider, keep in mind i have been a customer of them,since 09... please help.. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charter Internet disruption

    Charter Communications PO Box 742615 Cincinnati, OH. 45274-2615 John Toliver PO Box 154 Dayton, TN. 37321-0154 423-775-2494 8-31-14 Service address 339 Sierra Drive Dayton, TN. 37321 Dear Sir or Madam, Please consider this a complaint per your complaint procedure as stated on each bill I receive. On 8-24-14 at about 1:58 PM our internet service went out. It was not restored until about 3:00 PM on 8-25-14. According to my math that is over 24 hours. I immediately tried to call to report the problem, All of your service lines were busy. I was never able to get through, but I tried... More...
    toliverj01's Picture   toliverj01    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charter Appointments a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT

    I already had cable internet and decided to add television service. I was told that no extra installation would be necessary. I received the cable boxes and nothing will activate! I've been on the phone with Charter multiple times and they decided to send a tech out. The tech rewired the entire house for cable and determined that everything was fine in the house. Nothing still works... he told us it was an outside line problem. Wait a day and see if it's resolved... A day later I'm back on the phone with Charter. They make me another appointment. 3-5pm they say. I carve the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    rtones's Picture   rtones    0 Comments   Comments

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Charter Communications Comments

misskyra says: (3 years ago)
Charter what a rip off company. It didn't even take one month before they started there garbage. It was suppose to be $100.00 a month for tv, computer & phone. Fist we never could get any of the phones to work, then when they did send the bill it was almost $400.00 (for three weeks).
We immediately disconnected every thing and returned it, then they tried to get us for non return of there equipment (we even got a receipt, to prove we returned it). First they called & started there shit about not returning there equipment, I told them I returned it & even have a receipt saying I did. "Oh ok sir let me look, oh so you did return it sorry, goodbye". We called them, (a couple day's later) talked to a supervisor & made arrangement to pay $50.00 a month, he said that would be fine. We've made two payments so far & they call & harassing us two or three times a month. They called this morning woke me up at 7:00 in the morning, I'm retired I like to sleep in a little bit. And started saying how they we're turning the bill over to a collection, I told them I mailed the next $50.00 to theme yesterday. She say's we need it all now or it's going to collection's.
We ended up going to AT&T, now there's a real company.

HORNHOG says: (3 years ago)

jjharris1 says: (3 years ago)
I got a offer of a free modem and inwas charged for the modum. And was told 29.99 a month paying 60. Then after I cudnt a Ford it they wanted the free modum I paid for back wtf some one please help me six zero eight three seven 0 nine three 5 2 leave voice mail

trenton8 says: (3 years ago)
I have been a customer of charter for a long time. I am sooooo disappointed with their service since the have went all digital. Now you have to have a box for all tvs, even if you have a cable ready tv. Besides, I only have basic and extended basic, which alot of the time channels take extremely too long to come in when you change channels. I am so sick and tired it it!! They need to say also in the advertisment about charter not going out when the wind blows, well, they need to mention the channels dont come in half the time. They sure will send you a high bill, which is outrageous!! No credits are given, and I am sure they know about this problem. Am seroiusly thinking about switching service!!

osmerde1 says: (5 years ago)
I participated in a charter sponsored survey about their service -- at the end I was asked to submit info about name, address, e-mail, which entered me into a survey sweepstakes -- e-mail says I won, but they want the same info I posed at the end of the surrey, and now want to birth date -- doesn't see legit-- however the,communications all come from Charter communication --- is tit real ???

drr45 says: (5 years ago)
Red Sox...They are a major league baseball team. Unfortunately, you can't watch a Red Sox game on NESN during the Stanley Cup playoffs because on those nights, the Red Sox games are being broadcast on a cable channel that Charter doesn't subscribe to! They're broadcast on NESN Plus. I called Charter and they never heard of NESN Plus! Can anyone explain that?

drr45 says: (5 years ago)
My problem starts with the web site...or web sites. Why is Charter the only company in the entire universe that needs TWO distinct web sites. Is it for this or that or is it The user name conventions are different and as luck would have it, I always put in the wrong password too many times and get locked out. So, I call and have the password reset to the default password then go in and change it. Of course, I can't use the old password so I make up a new one. A couple of weeks later, invariably I go through the same BS again!! The agents always say "The .net site is for (fill in the blank) while the .com site is for (everything else). Can anybody tell me which is for which? Even tech support personnel have put me on hold to dig up the answer because they weren't sure. CHARTER DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!! Get rid of one or the other. Why does Charter make it so profoundly difficult for a consumer to access the information at the Charter web site/sites. I've got more to complain about, I just don't have the time!

doreena67 says: (5 years ago)
What really makes me mad about charter, is that they refuse to pick up their equipment. They said I have to live 30 miles away before they will send b oxes to return their boxes. WELL I DO!!!. I charter office is 35 miles from me.So for now on I will only give a 30 days notice to pick up, after that all equipment is throw away.I only give the 30 day notice because it the law. By the way, their service trucks are in my small town every day.

sgp420 says: (6 years ago)
customer service is unacceptable they are charging a car paymen tto have tv/internet rep cannot explian or justify bill Charter Upton MA would not recommend charter to anybody bait and switch

sickbastered says: (6 years ago)
call corporate not the local office have something done 314 965 0555 that is your 1 and only best option

danderup says: (6 years ago)
Charter's commercial promoting their service using "Timothy" makes me wonder about why his parents don't have the guts to take control of their obnoxious child. Does Charter really think this commercial is viable? It certainly isn't funny!

barkbusterbill says: (7 years ago)
My 2 cents, they don't make sense. The worst customer experience I have ever had with a company. The people who work for this company don't know what the other hand is doing. Talk about getting a run around, this company sets the new bench mark. It is like they are out to do as poor a job as they can. If I could try another cable provider I sure would, but they are the only company in our area.

tekchik says: (7 years ago)
I'm having all the same problems with Charter bundle that I've seen on this blog. How does one get out of this horrendous contract? Thanks.

atomix says: (8 years ago)
Charter is absolutely the worst Internet service I've ever had.

Goes down weekly for hours and every night af midnight it mysteriously gets even slower and more unusable than normal. Today it went down for over 24 hours and it's still down.... ridiculous!

Their cable service might be even worse... I keep losing channels and having to have technicians come out. Only one tech I've had come here knows anything about how to solve things...but then again the issues keeping coming back.

Never ever ever sign up for this service unless it's free AND you have a backup plan, My iPhone 3G Internet is more reliable!... sheesh!

walkerbe05 says: (8 years ago)
Charter has the most awful customer service and service i have ever had. i was on the phone with a job planing a interview and the phone internet and cable went out i didnt have no service for over 4 hour and at the time i didnt have a cell phone this happen over 10 times i would go next door to use the phone to call charter after the my service went out told the agant what was going on the first time i was put on hold for for over 40 mins so i hung up amd called back after hanging up and calling back i the agant was very very rude to me and hung up on me at the time i this called and asked to talk to a suporviser the it took over 15 mins for me to get a suporviser one the suporivser got on the line i explain to the my problem they said well we would need to get me to tech i was transferd to tech and the rep in tech said custome service wouldd need to troblemshoot the problem then they transferd me me back at the i gave up about a feww last i was on the phone again and my service went out call and asked them to what was going on the rep go me to texh the rep in tech placed me on hold for almost a hour and then the call was disconected i was tired by them i them talked to sone one in the one line chat and they was very rude to me they keep telling me to call the 888 number their was nothin that they could do i would hate for something to happen to me and i didnt have a phone this is not good service if someone would of broke in my house i wouldnt of had a phone to call if im on the phone or the internet when the service goes out i dont have serive for hours i pay over $125.00 every month i told after my service went out the last time i stoped paying the bill the didnt want to fix service i shouldnt have to pay the bill so the cut the service off and i was like if yall can fix the service and waive the 60.00 reactiovation fee i will pay the bill they didnt want to wavie it 60.00 i feel as if i shouldne have to pay the 60.00 fee they was like well we not going to restore your service and they didnt even offer to fix my service but the was pushing me to pay the 60.00

maraia says: (9 years ago)
Charter Communications has been my service provider for 2 years, and for 2 years they advertise; 'You don't have to wait to watch your favorite show, see it on demand anytime.' 80% of the shows they claim to be on demand are never on demand! This is called false advertisment?

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