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Charter Communications Reviews

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  • Driver of Charter Truck ran me off I-65

    This morning at approximately 12:45pm the driver/technician driving a Charter white Chevy Silverado with Charter stickers all over it. Chased me and my daughter down interstate 1-65 South and ran us off of the road two times!!!!! He endangered both my life and the life of my child, going at speeds over 100 mph. He got off the interstate at the Calera, Al exit after the vehicular harassment, and endangerment. If this is acceptable behavior for your technicians and contractors representing you in their vehicles than you should be ashamed and I personally will never do business with... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Increased Charges

    I call Charter because my internet only bill increased by $16.00. The CS Rep indicated the promotion I was on expired and that justified the increased, however when I informed the CS Rep that I was not a part of a promotion he then begin to indicate that I was paying a discount rate and now I was paying the regular price for internet only. However if I would bundle (which I have informed Charter numerous times I don't choose to do) I can get a discount. Am I being charge extra $$$ for not choosing to bundle thus being punished by Charter. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charter buyout

    I am having a serious problem with mycheck@charter,com, the server will not accept my email from gmail or outlook. I have read all the "bad" reviews about the "lies" charter has told them, and I for one had DIRECTV, which also gave me some problems with escalating service fees, the only reason I went with charter was that I already had internet with them, and the buyout promised to me. They had better except the fact that I also recorded their conversation too. I will not take this "problem for much longer, and will contact my lawyer to seek what is rightfully owed... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • re buyout CHECK

    I have had charter for almost 2 months. I was promised by the salesman that the charter buyout check would be sent to me befort my direct tv bill was due. I have been receiving numerous phone calls from direct tv threatening to turn my bill over to a collection agency. buyout form was sent as directed but I haven't received the promised check I AM DISGUSTED THE RUNAROUND I AM GETTING-WHERE'S THE CHECK More...
    (Cable TV)
  • No credit for lose

    This is a complaint about Charter Cable service in Roxboro NC. There were 3 days this month (May 2015) that the cable service was intermittent and or not available. My call to customer service for billing ended up with total dissatisfaction. Previous requests for reimbursement for lost access to services, were met with reasonable amounts of credit. Today was the third day this month that I was not able to use either the TV or internet due to intermittent or absent service. (5/2 6hrs Net, 5/20 2hrs TV, 5/21 2hrs TV) The customer service agent while polite would not budge from a fixed... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • need help

    i use to have charter tv,and internet, they slammed me with over a 300. bill the very first month,... i turned off the tv services immediately,went back to direct tv... i have been paying my internet bill.. i got my one month huge bill down to 162. now they are saying they will shut off my internet if they dont get the money with in 5 days... so they would rather lose a customer who is trying, and willing to keep the internet service with them.. this makes no sense.. i guess il shop around for another internet provider, keep in mind i have been a customer of them,since 09... please help.. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • need help

    i use to have charter tv,and internet, they slammed me with over a 300. bill the very first month,... i turned off the tv services immediately,went back to direct tv... i have been paying my internet bill.. i got my one month huge bill down to 162. now they are saying they will shut off my internet if they dont get the money with in 5 days... so they would rather lose a customer who is trying, and willing to keep the internet service with them.. this makes no sense.. i guess il shop around for another internet provider, keep in mind i have been a customer of them,since 09... please help.. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Wiring my neighborhood

    Frustrated by the whole wiring my neighborhood process. You dug a six foot deep hole in my back yard on Friday & it was that way all weekend. The monstrous green box you have put into my back yard is UGLY and way too big. Your nice site supervisor did fix the grass you ruined. NOW I come home from work to find a huge wooden cable spool on my front yard on top of grass that I pay dearly to feed and maintain and also mow & blow.Tried to send pics but they aren't video. More...
  • Charter not sending my credit

    On June 30th, 2014, my husband returned our cable and internet equipment to the local shop and cancelled our service. We moved to a town not serviced by Charter on July 1st. Originally, we were supposed to get an $14 credit, but since I had them set up as autopay, they were sent another $181. I called immediately and was told they would try to electronically refund the payment, and if that wasn't possible, I could expect a check in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks. I contacted them again after 6 weeks and was told to wait another 2 weeks. Today (over 9 weeks later), I contacted them and was... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Tv freeezes

    All of the channels do not give proper signal and it keeps freezing so the screen will be frozen and there will be no audio either. It is very annoying because you are not able to watch the shows properly. When we try to move the black antenna box there will be some fluctuation in the signal but still cant see 100% of the screen because it is still freezing. I have basic cable and it is giving me these issues so there is no chance for me to get more services from you guys. This needs to be resolved or i will need to cancel my services. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • 5 business days left

    Per my registered recipt have 5 business days to get me a check for $400.00 for dish networks early termination fee. Made out to Gregory Cure, Mailed 601 Sunset Way Apt B, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527. I am in recept of your billing adjusting my bill from $615.00 to 216.00. But I do not know where you get these figures. You ALSO ARE THREATING TO CHARGE THE UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT. YOU WILL GET YOUR EQUIPMENT BACK THE DAY I GET MY $400.00 More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Service transfer

    I purchased a piece of raw land a year ago in Asheville, NC. I was told I could have Charter. I bought a double wide, put it on the property, and started doing a complete revamp. I am now ready to move in. I called Charter to get my service installed. When the tech arrived, I was told that I could not get service. Long story issue was turned over to the "survey" team. I was told that I was in range to get service & I should hear back from them the next business day, at most, in a couple of days & have service. It has now been over a week. I have called and left... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Free set-top box

    On June 16th I received a letter from Charter stating that Charter was going all digital and that I was eligible to receive a set-top box at no additional cost for 12 months. When I called on June 17th to order the box I was told that the offer code could not be accepted and that I would have to pay $6.99 per month. I have been a charter customer for some time now and I feel as though I was scammed into purchasing another cable box. This is not what the letter states from Peter Cirelli who is the Vice President of Marketing. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Refusal to honor documented offer

    Was told we are eligible for NEW CUSTOMER pricing. Was given a great online quote. When told we accept they all of a sudden do not have the ability to set us up for that price. Price would be almost double as we are a current customer. When we gave them an opportunity to make us new again the refused. I was hung up on. My chats were disconnected. And was refuses the corporate office number when requested multiple times. Now they wont even speak to us. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • channel change

    I had the silver package for several years (I have been a Charter customer since Charter started servicing the Lincolnton/Vale nc area). I try the gold package for a year and switched back to silver. Imagine my surprise to find I had lost some channels on the 100 channel tier. I called CS and found out that Boomerang and Ovation are now part of the 2nd tier, which includes the 300 channels, sports. WHAT DO BOOMERANG (channel 118) AND Ovation (channel 156) HAVE TO DO WITH SPORTS???? Also gone is channel 154 and 129. I was told I would have to pay 10 bucks more a month to get these channels... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • no service

    When we moved into this house Charter signed us up for service and when the tech came out he said the lines were only run partially down our street (my neighbor that I can SEE has Charter Cable and internet. They wanted $4000 to service us. I have since done everything I could think of to get serviced-I fill out out their form to ask for service with NO RESPONSE. Charter Business wants to charge DOUBLE and have me sign a crazy three year contract. Why can't I get the service promised to me when we first moved in without paying $4000. They will just use the equipment to service others... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Service availibility

    You have had service in my area for over 7 yrs now but if a person checks your site at it claims no service in that area Your Internet speed fluctuate constantly & many times during the month drop out altogether n Same ting with the phone service. Try to call custumer service & 1/2 the time can not complte the call. Once I get through it always seems to be a problem with signal to modems even after it was reset. Service ara is in WI zip code 53016 Also charter email does not work properly some emails from from employment agencies I have been told... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Billed after Disconnection

    Charter has failed to refund billed amount (482.08$) which was billed post disconnection. I was a Charter Communications customer for Cable TV + Internet from Sep 07 - Oct 08 in Monona, WI. I had called Charter to disconnect Cable 1st week of Oct 08 and also asked them to disconnect Internet end of the month of Oct 08 and I was verbally confirmed the request was under effect. I again called on 31 Oct 08 to confirm the disconnection and to ask about the equipment return center's address and hours. I was unable to return the equipment and had to leave the City and State as I was shifting... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charter Poor Billing

    Is it just me or is Charter Communications run by a bunch of retard monkeys? Last year I canceled my account a moved to Direct TV. I went to the local office brought my boxes, and paid off my bill. A month later a field tech showed up at my house demanding the boxes and telling my wife to pay her bill....which we had already done. Then for the next 2 months I was sent bills. each time I called and they said it was for a cable modem that was not turned in. I never got a cable modem from them. When I bought my house it didn't have a cable modem here. I had brought one from my old... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • How to win your case against Charter

    Charter disconnected my services claiming of non-payment! Of course not only I paid my bill, I overpaid. I took Charter to Small Claims Court and the judge ordered them to pay me back $340!!!! My advise to people who are wronged by Charter is to take Charter to small claims court. File your claim, get your argument ready and just tell it to the judge. You will win. Charter services are so bad, that a year plus ago, they sent me an overpayment check (I had to call them so many times for it) When I deposited into my account, their check bounced!!! This is about the worst company to do... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • equipment issue

    I had a receiver box that the company replaced because I was not getting the programming.This went on for two months and now they want me to pay for the service that did not work.They also wanted me to pay for the service call but where I live The Archstone owns all of the hook ups in the wall so they gave me credit for $25.00 but I am not going to pay for a service I did not get !!I have tried calling to ask about this but I get this customer service person named Carla who does not listen,but just repeats your account infomation when I asked for a supervisor or tried to ask a... More...
    (Cable TV)


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